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When you call we will ask for the following information:

If you are using an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) we will need to know the name of the EAP company so that we ensure that your appointment is with a therapist who is on that panel. After confirming your appointment with us, you will (in most cases) need to call your EAP number again and give the representative the name of the therapist with whom you have an appointment.  Then (in most cases) the EAP company will give you an authorization number and tell you how many visits you receive using this benefit.

If you are using insurance we want to ensure that you have an appointment with a therapist who is a provider on that panel.  Check the back of your insurance card for an “800” number for “mental health, behavior health, or substance abuse”.  Call that number.  You may discover the name of your behavior health provider is different from your regular health insurance provider.  Call this number and (1) obtain the name of your insurance provider; (2) find out if you need an authorization; (3) ask if you have a deductible; (4) ask about your copay.

We will also ask for (1) name of the client; (2) address; (3) DOB; (4) member ID; (5) insurance company; (6) if the client is not the primary on the insurance, we will need the above mentioned information on the primary.

Next, please complete the client forms here and come on in!!

NOTE:  Sometimes our therapists are booked and we will ask if you wish to be placed on a waitlist.  In this case, we find that clients can often meet with their therapist sooner than expected.  So we do suggest that you participate on the waitlist.