When to Call a Counselor

The term “counselor” is used liberally so it is important to know what kind of counseling you need. When you have life concerns about yourself, your family, your job and when your friends and family are not the people to go to for this particular problem, that is the time to call a counselor. You can be assured that information shared with your counselor will only be shared with your permission and to the extent that you permit. Generally, if using insurance, this is limited information that is shared with the insurance company. This information is private and confidential

A LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELOR has at least a Master’s Degree from an accredited school of higher education; has worked full time under the supervision of a licensed professional for 2 years after obtaining that degree; and has passed a test which indicates knowledge of nationally accepted standards.

In order to be a member of an insurance panel, stringent criteria must be met in addition to the above. Insurance companies scrutinize potential providers carefully. Some insurance companies require 5 years of licensure before accepting new members to their panels.

When you need someone to LISTEN to you and you don’t want that person to be your best friend, spouse, partner, child, parent or other confidant, it’s time to call a LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELOR.

We are trained to listen to your concerns, help you to assess the problem, and work with you to resolve that problem.

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